Paid services

Services for the performer

Account "Pro"
Account "Pro" You can see the contacts of all employers, you can respond to projects indefinitely, you can specify up to 5 additional specializations.
Carousel Promote your services by posting offers. You can not only place a request in already created orders, but also offer your services, even if the order for the service has not yet been received.
Accommodation on the main (staircase)
Accommodation on the main (staircase) Placement on the stairs allows you to conduct effective self-advertising on any page of the site, which will allow you not only to increase your rating, but also to increase your popularity among customers.

Customer services

Raising The service of raising the offer will help you to always keep your offer up to date.
Highlighting Highlighting in bright color the text of the proposal you have posted in the general feed of proposals. Allows you to attract more attention of customers to your offer.

By pinning your offer at the top of the general offer feed, you will achieve the maximum number of calls to your services.


Hidden project